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General Outsourcing

Why hire a full time employee for a part-of-the time job?
Jun 09, 2018    0
As procurement professionals, we are always striving to achieve the best total cost of ownership with the products and services we purchase. We’ve seen the negative impact that bottom-dollar...
Jun 02, 2018    0
In 1990, two business academics, C.K. Prahalad and Gary Hamel, teamed to write one of the Harvard Business Review’s most influential articles on the nature of the modern...
Adjusting to IT Outsourcing is a process.
May 25, 2018    0
The last few years have triggered dramatic changes in the way IT outsourcing arrangements have been made by enterprises. As expected, some of the changes are taking time before they become center...
Turning to a third party to handle customer calls may lower costs and drive new efficiencies, it has its fair share of risks.
May 11, 2018    0
Customer service is one of the most frequently outsourced business functions, with outsourced contact centers accounting for approximately 25 percent of the global contact...
Five common misunderstandings for companies as they set out on their journey for the first time.
Apr 28, 2018    0
Outsourcing or nearshoring IT experts can be commonplace for some companies. These companies will likely understand both the business and technical benefits that outsourcing teams can bring to a...
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