The Venezuelan Council for Investment Promotion (CONAPRI) was established in 1990 for the purpose of disseminating information concerning business opportunities in Venezuela. Its strength: Joining government and private initiatives to foster sustainable economic development in the country. Given its nature as a mixed organization, this not-for-profit civil association has garnered the ongoing support of both major domestic and multinational corporations as well as the government. This is the why and the wherefore of our objective approach to the scenarios facing the country and of our access to senior decision-making levels.

Their Services

  • Marketing business opportunities to key audiences, presenting assertive and reliable information.
  • Advising potential and existing investors to help them make the right decisions in a changing environment.
  • Pointing out legal and financial obstacles to private investment and providing the Executive and Legislative branches of government with technical assistance aimed at eliminating these obstacles.
  • Helping to achieve consensus between the public and private sectors by organizing meetings for the discussion of factors affecting investment in Venezuela.
  • Publishing timely information concerning issues affecting investment, analyses, and macroeconomic and financial indicators, using our e-magazine Invest

Director: Mr. Eduardo Porcarelli (eporcarelli@conapri.org)
Services Manager: Ms. Ruth Sanchez (rsanchez@conapri.org)
Legal Affairs Manager Melissa Puga (mpuga@conapri.org)
Economics Affairs & Investor
Services Manager Litsay Guerrero (lguerrero@conapri.org)
Communications Manager Daniel Acosta (dacosta@conapri.org)

+(58) 212 993 3501