About Uruguay XXI

Uruguay XXI, the Investment and Export Promotion Institute, works to help internationalize the Uruguayan economy. A country such as Uruguay has great opportunities to grow outside its borders by attracting investment and promoting exports to countries around the world. As can be seen in our mission statement, Uruguay XXI seeks to help both companies and the country as a whole better face the challenges posed by today’s world. In addition, our organization seeks to strengthen the country’s image abroad by promoting the attributes that make Uruguay a strategic location to do business in the Southern Cone of Latin America.

Their Services

  • Macroeconomic and industry information. Uruguay XXI regularly prepares reports on Uruguay and on various sectors of the economy.
  • Tailored information. We prepare customized information to answer specific questions, such as macroeconomic data, labor market information, tax and legal aspects, incentive programs for investments, location and costs.
  • Contact with key players. We provide contacts with government agencies, industry players, financial institutions, R&D centers and potential partners, among others.
  • Promotion. We promote investment opportunities at strategic events, business missions and round tables.
  • Facilitation of foreign investor visits, including organization of meetings with public authorities, suppliers, potential partners and business chambers.
  • Publication of investment opportunities. On our website, we periodically publish information on investment
  • projects by public entities and private companies.

Director: Antonio Carambula (acarambula@uruguayxxi.gub.uy)

Services Manager: Mr. Alvaro Inchauspe (ainchauspe@uruguayxxi.gub.uy)

+ (598) 2195 3838
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