The LatAm Alliance is the industry association for IT Services and Business Process Outsourcing in Latin America. In 2016, the LatAm Alliance became a working council of Sourcing Industry Group (SIG). Our goal is to support those who are currently, or considering, sourcing IT or business process services from Latin America by providing thought leadership, sharing best practices and networking opportunities. Our partnership with SIG provides the LatAm Alliance with an opportunity to elevate the industry through some of the largest and most forward-thinking companies in the world.


Why is LatAm Worth a Look?

In the last 10-12 years, the IT and business process outsourcing landscape has changed. Back then cost was a big driver and...

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What Can the LatAm Alliance Do?

In 2012, the LatAm Alliance was formed to capitalize on bringing together buy-side....

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Who Should Join the Alliance?

LatAm Alliance members share an interest in developing the potential of the....

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How Can We Learn More?

Our members have a unique opportunity to help shape the industry while enhancing the value of their business...

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Recent News and Events

  • [Webinar] State of Digital Talent and LatAm

    A study undertaken by the Online Marketing Institute found that most businesses consider digital marketing an important part of their business, yet only 8% feel that their teams had enough skills and experience across all areas. LatAm is rich in digital talent. 

  • [Webinar] Latin America as an Outsourcing Destination

    During this presentation, Jeff Pappas, Executive Vice President with E Smith Realty Services, will use his vast knowledge and hands-on experience working with clients in the LatAm region to discuss the key requirements when considering Latin America as a viable outsourcing alternative as well as why companies are deciding to move their operations there. 

  • SIG’s LatAm Alliance Working Council Appoints New Board Co-Chairman and Member

    NEW YORK, NY (APRIL 06, 2017) - SIG’s LatAm Alliance Working Council, the industry’s leading association for IT services and business process outsourcing in Latin America, today announced the election of Nigel Storey, COO and Senior Director of Johnson & Johnson Design as Board Co-Chair and Jorge Agnese, Vice President, Professional Services of AAJ Technologies as Board member.

  • Panel Discussion on Sourcing Services to LatAm: Is Offshoring Now Taboo?

    The LatAm Alliance will host a panel discussion during the 2017 SIG Global Executive Summit in Amelia Island, FL.

  • LatAm Alliance Spring 2017 Council Meeting

    The LatAm Alliance will host its next Council Meeting during the 2017 SIG Global Executive Summit in Amelia Island, FL.

    During this session, the council will focus on sourcing technical and creative talent from Latin America in comparison to other regions in the world and the results it has yielded for business.

  • Outsource Magazine Interview with Softtek’s CMO, Alejandro Camino

    In this insightful interview, Alejandro (Alex) Camino, CMO of Softek and board member of the LatAm Alliance, shares his perspective on Latin America’s opportunity within outsourced IT services.